How to Close a Tommy Bahama Beach Chair

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are an essential for those who love to lounge on the shore and unwind. Not only are these chairs lightweight and easy to set up, but they’re also easy to take down once you’ve finished enjoying yourself at the shore.

Unfortunately, Tommy Bahama beach chairs can be challenging to close and collapse. With these simple instructions, you’ll have your Tommy Bahama beach chair folded in no time!

Pull the top buckle strap under the handle.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are a go-to choice for frequent beachgoers, though they can be tricky to close and flatten once set up. Fortunately, disassembling them is simple: press down on the metal bar beneath the seat and collapse it completely; then you can slide on backpack straps or hold onto the rubber handle to transport it safely and securely.

The initial step is to secure both buckles in place, so the backrest and seat parts don’t separate during transport. This is particularly essential if you plan on taking your beach chair on board a plane or other transportation mode.

Once both buckles are securely fastened, shake out the chair to eliminate any loose sand before transporting. Doing this helps avoid sand in your bag and ensures the chair folds correctly.

After that, flip the top buckle strap behind the backrest for safekeeping and dangle the bottom buckle beneath the seat rest. This style of folding works best if you need your hands free for other items while on the beach; additionally, it’s simpler than sliding both buckles into place simultaneously.

Another way to fold a Tommy Bahama beach chair is by sliding its two padded straps parallel to each other under the seat cushion. This style of folding is similar to carrying a backpack, making it much easier to carry without losing balance or tipping over.

You can pull the padded straps onto your shoulders for hands-free transportation. This is particularly helpful if you need to carry heavy objects like beach blankets and bags, or if you simply want to use the chair without touching it.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are essential items for your next beach getaway. Not only will it give you a comfortable place to sit while admiring the sun and sea, but they’re wide and reclining so that you can lie flat; plus, their backrest has multiple reclining positions to suit any preference. Plus, their armrests are adjustable with cup holders included!

Pull the bottom buckle strap under the seat cushion.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs are one of the most popular styles used at the beach. Not only are they convenient and comfortable, but their padded backpack straps make them easy to transport. Furthermore, these folding chairs fold away into a compact size when not in use – making them an ideal option for frequent beachgoers.

Unfortunately, Tommy Bahama beach chairs can be challenging to close and flatten when using. While the process is fairly straightforward, there are a few things you should be aware of before trying to collapse your chair.

First, ensure the front metal bar beneath the seat has been folded down to its smallest possible size. Doing this will help guarantee no problems when collapsing the chair in the future.

Once the front metal bar has been collapsed, push the backrest forward until it fully collapses. You can do this by placing your foot on top of the metal bar.

Next, take a closer look at the bottom buckle. This clever piece of engineering serves to prevent your backrest and seat from separating.

Once everything is secured, pull the top buckle strap under the handle for optimal transportation of your beach chair. This is by far the simplest method for transporting it – so give it a try!

Finally, make sure both buckles are fastened together while transporting your beach chair. Doing this is especially essential if you plan on carrying it around on your back for extended periods of time.

Tommy Bahama beach chairs require pulling the top buckle strap under the handle and bottom buckle under the seat cushion to close them securely. These straps are padded and parallel to each other, making them easy to grab when folding the chair. Before doing so, shake out any loose sand from inside so you have a smooth, clean folding experience. This is also recommended for safety when transporting it around.

Pull the padded straps parallel to each other.

If you’re searching for a lightweight, portable beach chair that’s easy to transport, the Tommy Bahama backpack beach chair may be just what you need. It features adjustable, patented shoulder straps and an integrated cooler, plus it folds flat for convenient transportation and storage.

This chair is constructed with durable, lightweight materials that resist rust and corrosion. Additionally, it offers five reclining positions you can adjust for customized comfort levels.

The backrest of this chair is cushioned, making it comfortable to sit on. Plus, there’s an integrated towel bar that is high enough for hanging your beach towel after each use.

It is an ideal accessory for those who frequently dip into the ocean. Additionally, it serves as a convenient place to hang your hat or other articles of clothing so they don’t get dirty.

One of the most crucial steps you can take to secure your Tommy Bahama beach chair is pulling its padded straps parallel to one another under the seat cushion. This will enable you to carry it like a backpack and prevent both backrest and seat from coming apart.

Straps can be found on the bottom of the seat or beneath its handle. A plastic buckle at the base of the backrest secures both pieces to the chair; it looks similar to that on backpack straps but is designed more like a fanny pack than belt.

Another way to fold the Tommy Bahama beach chair is to place your foot on the front metal bar at the back. Afterward, use one hand to move the backrest forward and then completely collapse it.

Folding your beach chair is a simple and efficient process that you can do in seconds. After that, it’s ready for storage away so that you can take it with you whenever you head to the shore.

If you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach, investing in an easy-to-transport and set up chair is recommended. Doing so will reduce stress and hassle during your journey if you’re traveling by car or taking the train.

Pull the straps to your shoulders.

Once you’re ready to take your Tommy Bahama beach chair home after a day on the shore, it’s time to fold and close it up. While this may seem difficult at first, once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite simple!

To close and fold a Tommy Bahama beach chair, start by positioning it upright so you can see where to put your feet when collapsing the seat. Next, push down on the front metal bar underneath the seat to collapse it further. Finally, secure those padded straps with buckles so they are securely fastened in place.

Before you leave the beach chair, make sure all pockets and pouches at the sides are empty to avoid spilling anything out! Doing this will guarantee a secure journey for your Tommy Bahama beach chair.

Finally, fold the chair up and carry it like a backpack! Use its included rubber handle to help move it around. This style of transportation works best if you need hands free to carry other items during your beach trip.

No matter if you’re taking your family camping or taking them out to the beach, these packable beach chairs are an ideal choice! They’re lightweight and comfortable to transport, plus they can handle almost any environment you throw at them.

The patented backpack shoulder straps offer a convenient means of transporting the chair to and from your destination, and they can be adjusted to fit most people. This means you can use it for all sorts of events – from long hikes to concerts or festivals – with ease.

Tommy Bahama’s iconic folding chair has been a part of beach-going culture for over eighty years, and its simplicity, strength, and timeless design make it the go-to choice for many beachgoers. If you enjoy spending time at the shore or pool, this must-have item should not be missing from your collection!