How to Date a Chinese Camphor Chest

In the 18th and 19th centuries, camphor chests were used to transport tea, silks and porcelain from China to European destinations.

These storage boxes were crafted from camphor wood, which naturally repelled moths and other pests. Their pleasant fragrance also added to their appeal, making these storage boxes a welcome addition to any home.


Chinese camphor chests are decorative antique furniture pieces that can be the focus of your home. Crafted from natural fragrant camphor wood, they come in various styles such as flat-based or with bracket legs. Plus, their brass hardware adds to their visual appeal.

These boxes were often used to transport silks, tea, and porcelain from China to Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries. Their purpose was to protect valuable items from moths or other pests during transit.

Camphor wood is renowned for its beautiful grain and pleasant natural scent that repels moths and other pests. Additionally, camphor wood is extremely durable – making it the ideal material to craft these storage chests out of.

Some of the most stunning camphor chests are intricately carved and decorated with floral patterns, rosettes, foliage, herons, cranes and other human figurines.

Chests featuring nautical scenes, battles and other sea-related imagery can be an attractive way to incorporate maritime themes into your home decor.

For a more contemporary aesthetic, painted cabinets may be worth considering. These are more versatile than natural wood options and can easily match with your existing color scheme.

A Chinese camphor chest makes an excellent decorative piece for your home and it can even serve as the base of your bed! These typically small chests typically fit into narrow spaces perfectly.

These containers can be stacked atop each other to save space, making them ideal for families with limited storage. Plus, their fake bottom will guarantee your items remain secure.

Chests like these are typically dated according to the kings and dynasties that were in power at the time of creation. Some may date back as far as the 19th century, while others date from the 20th.

These chests were a must-have in the homes of wealthy European families. Not only were they used for storing clothes, linens and blankets but they could also hold valuables such as tea, porcelain or silk. Furthermore, they served as popular decorations in Chinese homes.


When searching for antique furniture pieces, there are plenty of styles to choose from. One particularly eye-catching and interesting option is the Chinese camphor chest. Crafted out of camphor wood, these storage boxes were naturally repellent against moths and other pests.

These boxes were highly decorative, featuring brass brackets and clasps. They carried valuable items like silks, porcelain and tea from China to Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries. Their longevity made them highly sought-after by wealthy European families for many years.

They were a favorite choice amongst the rich and famous, who appreciated both their functional aesthetic as well as the practical benefits of keeping their possessions safe from moths. These containers often stacked atop each other to save space, often decorated with intricate carvings of dragons, ships or people.

The great news is that with some luck you might even be able to locate one of these boxes for sale at auction. Prices range from $850 up, though some go for much more than this impressive sum.

Chinese camphor chests range in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the style and quality. The best ones will last, making them an investment that pays off over time. They make for a stunning focal point in any room and the ideal addition to your home decor collection.


Before the boom of the sea trade, Chinese families used camphor chests to store blankets, clothes and linen. Not only were these containers great for storage needs, but they were also an effective way to protect items inside from moths.

Today, these boxes come in an array of styles and finishes to fit your personal taste and budget. Select one that complements both your aesthetic and budget, then make it the focal point of your living room.

Chinese camphor chests are functional, decorative and often quite enjoyable to use. Some models boast elaborate decorations such as dragons or ships carved into the wood; other models may be simpler but still impressive in their own right.

Antique furniture typically consists of wood, brass and metal; some with flat bases while others feature bracket legs. These variations offer great versatility as they can be stacked or tucked away in smaller areas for easy storage.

The ideal models offer a thoughtful balance of storage and functionality, with the former taking center stage. Some even boast unique features like drawers or doors.

They can brighten up any room and offer a practical storage solution. Plus, they’re an excellent way to showcase your favorite art and collectibles.

A quality carved camphor trunk with an elegant brass clasp is the ultimate home-run. Not only will this investment require some maintenance and upkeep, but it will add a touch of elegance to your home for years to come. The best ones are easy to assemble and feature solid brass hardware to ensure their long-term durability.


Chinese camphor chests are storage containers made of natural fragrant camphor wood. Not only are these pieces highly decorative, but they can also serve as accent pieces to your home decor. You may choose them either flat-based or with bracket legs for extra support.

These storage chests are usually constructed with brass hardware and come in a range of styles. Some feature Mid-Century Modern designs and tend to be more costly than other types of storage chests.

It is essential to know that these containers were originally used for storing clothes and other belongings. They became especially popular among wealthy Europeans who desired to protect their linens, blankets, and other precious items from moth damage.

These storage containers were also employed to transport silks, tea and porcelain from China to Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. They make an excellent addition to any collection, adding a unique touch of history to your home.

At 1stDibs you’ll find an extensive selection of Chinese camphor chests from different periods in history. Some date back to the 19th century while others are more modern and were created only during the 20th century.

Carvings are an integral part of chests’ aesthetic value. They can be intricately detailed around the entire chest, including its lid. Carvings may include floral patterns, rosettes, foliage, herons, cranes and other animals for added visual interest.

Another exceptional aspect of these pieces is their distinctive coloration. Generally, they have a warm honey-brown exterior with glossy lacquer; however, depending on who created them, these pieces may feature another hue entirely.

Carved wooden flagles can be carved to depict traditional life in Asia, featuring rural scenes and characters. Furthermore, they may be adorned with vibrant flagles for added visual impact.

They may be expensive, but they are well worth every penny. If you’re thinking about purchasing one for your home, make sure to shop at a reputable antique dealer first. There, you can easily find the piece that meets your needs and get an estimate of how much you can spend before you make any purchases.